Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct 7 2009

This is the earliest morning mails for 7 th Oct 2009


If I am planning to wake up at 7 , I really should not be typing this now, Having gone through some painful tasks ,( office work )

then service the second manager that I have hired, and who fires me every day , do dilbert story to humorize this second manager,

obviously you can guess who.



Well, the early morning rise is also to appease this second duty ,and my first duty is in the line of fire….


Today , I saw Rakhi Sawants maa dance in Big Boss, that in itself will tell you what people are watching nowadays,

and what sells

the guy who is making money out of this, had to think like some audience, to get it out into the open


the blasphemy continues, the sheer wonder and mere brain that I have , both unimanigable,

both pondering, as to the whereabouts of the man who pulled me to this planet, in 1983 to witness this here


I had a  friend called (Suraj Adhikari, hope you read it some day ;)), the guy who introduced me to the concepts of big nipples, hariy nipples, pink nipples, small, cony ,

hard, bristly,  plain, horny etc etc, 


His friend from some remote part of Tripura, once whined


“Oh god, if you were to bring me to this earth , why not New York

if not New York, why not some other part of the fabled west

if not west, then at least the metros of India

if not the metros, why not even a capital city

if not a capital city why not even the district town


why this village , buddy “


All karma

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