Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ban jeeooh

Today is a day which I can happily commemorate to Ban,

He has got hold of some channel or some internet site, where he can watch Indian news channels,


He knows about the shit that goes inside, and the mega , truck load of crap that comes out,


he understands, what is the purpose of news, but he cannot find any in the news that comes,


Funny, he recalls , the passengers of the abducted Rajdhani express, where stranded for 5 hours and the journalists in Delhi station, stranded them for hours,


people even say , that prasaashan is not taking jimmebaari , but, naxals did, well, same goes for the abducted policeman, Atindranath Dutta, he was taken for ransom

for 48 hours, with good food, and no  harassment, but CBI seems to have butchered him with questions later J


Still, the funny thing that comes with this , “Breaking news” , everything is breaking everything else,


I remember , having read it somewhere that, NASA was so running out of good results, that the public money expenditure getting involved in the NASA is now questioned by many average American, Ban tells me , that , they will put it up in the news, even as much as a scientist out there farts from gas.


Rocket science at basics, though


Anyways, Ban plans to start his own venture, a news channel , a magazine at least, where reporters will start with  “ There were too many reporters in the crowd and I could not manage to get one question directly to the CM, all I overheard was this and that”


His team will be qualified but honest  and his channel will repeatedly say “Sorry we don’t have footage, sorry to show to stolen images, our reporters are not out there, but we are not trying push more public there, either, so please, lets stay here and show you the best of what the other news channels are producing “

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