Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 26 morning 2009

starting work back after a long weekend .

I seems to have started this new work culture around,that is the crux of a normal employees life, but I was not accustomed to it,

weekends , no work, weekdays, fulltu work ,

this was a policy that I did not follow for a long time, but now I think I am consolidating,


The process of becoming a software engineer is a new philosophy all together, we guys work hard, may be as every one says, that is mounting

day by day , and the industry doing bad, I may be up for the bad times, but all I can say is that, since bigger things such as the industry , world economy,

international business, nothing being in my hands,

all I can do is contribute to my own growth, contribute to my own strengths, only by being a normal me,


The odd hours at work and the odd times that I put does do me greater harm in the long run and I run out of steam soon


This philosophy , some get it quite early in life and some late


I can visualize some of my seniors, who still work like a they are worshipping  a boxed idol , and some work like without direction, and some are very methodical ,

all of them succeed, since all put their hard work and the industry is churning out , virtual wonders year after year

but essentially we are losing a number of good years in the process,



we all plan to retire by 45, why ? bcoz we know that we will be wasted by the time we hit 60 and it is better to retire by 45 and enjoy the last 15 years of our lives,


I don’t know, whether it applies to all, but most , for I can say , and see that in my close circles,

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