Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something I want

Two months back I was in Guwahati,

well guys, you know that our PM  had contested the elections from a congress stronghold in Assam and he had to pay some visit to this north east, which was always overlooked by all. Well for the PM he says that this Sarkar, this 5 years that they have they will make up for the lack of care on the northeast,


There is a fine print here, corruption that was rampant in the other states will now creep into the societies of our north east


I hail from the land of Tripura.  I have grown up in Agartala, I did not make much  out of my life, but I still feel that whatever I am today it was all due to what I learned in that small town of Agartala, where people still know people across the town, and your child will rarely get lost.

IT is  place where you need carry money around, you always know somebody on the road. It is a great place to live in , with bad summers and equally chill winters, but when I think upon it now, having lived in mild weather homes of Coimbatore and Hdyerabad, I have now grown an nostalgic craving for the winters of Agartala.


It is in the low lands and is not at an altitude like many people blindly assume about the north east. Agartala is pretty  much just another town of the plains, it is still knee deep in culture of east Bengal with prominent influence from Sylhet and Kumilla. It is a small town and not surrounded with natural beauties like tall mountains, or seas or wide rivers, or great lakes


but somehow we had a great winter, we had a chill in the air right from October, Durga Puja used to be a time where you could happily wear a sweater and move about. I remember the cycle ride to the tuitions, those were the days, I have never felt the same excitement any more, not at all worried about the future as I was willing to part with any thing in the future, for the present,. I was somehow living in the present as if it were the only time I had on earth,


Given all those memories, I just cannot find a purpose that tells me clearly that this is the reason why one should leave home and  go around searching to place roots somewhere else, and that too in places where money is everything, they don’t say money is the root of all evil, anymore, they have become devil worshippers to the point of disbelief.


I am happy that I have the maturity to understand my internal cravings, many are still studying, or still trying to find the way to better life, all I can say is that, it is where you started searching it, and not far far away from home


we have this internal approach towards life that says that, we got to fight the world and see, my answer is if you are out  and not seeing the world much just sticking to one point like a flagstaff outside  the united nations. you are simply making another home, from where you will have no  where to go


for people like us, who are just another brick in the walls, we were supposed to live in this search , in this loop, in this treadmill, where, nothing works the way you want it


we are not the geniuses for whom the bells will toll, we are mere people who came in this world to give way for the masters and the lucky, we are to applaud them, make them feel special


For us there is  a way out, we can seek peace in denouncing everything, but this mind of ours, says there is still some hope, and there is still some blessing, some blind corner, some lucky alchemist stone that we will stumble upon


 I am doing the hard work , and good will come our way.

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