Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crucial victory for India

Another match ,

some where round the corner, you will find some one ecstatic,


no fireworks.

I remember the chilly mornings , the twilight times and the late evening when I returned from tuitions, long back ,


Agartala, though I will not return back there, in a long time, but those days, of chill in the air, my first love affair,

then going for tuitions, questions of success and failure did not bother me then, since I was doing well in a small town

called Agartala


Simple people still walk those grounds, simplicity everywhere, and I don’t know, it is a feeling reflected else where, but

two days back on my way back from Howrah, I took lift in a friends, taxi, All the way till City Center,


He is from Agartala, he was telling about his friend who has completed his studies somewhere in England and now all the

days and years lost, he does not want to lose any more days outside our favorite town


My father who is starting his business there in Agartala, even now believes that if there is a heaven on earth, it is there

where you have your best memories,


If you are not making better memories else where, atleast , stay close to the porosh pathor,


The Alchemist is a story that by far is the most romantic story I have ever written, romance of life, the nasha,

the addiction , that takes you away from home,

you are seeking that what you have already got, you are seeking what was meant for you


I am reading another story nowadays, in parallel, Namesake , and I now firmly believe that if there is a plan out there,

it is always to take you home


I know of some friends, who have for ever been on the move, they had a shifting job, transfers here and there,

but transfer to where, to places where there were quarters, similar , like minded people, culture was common

same kind of holidays, and vacations,


But now I am tired , when I see this new brew of work and job and culture, it is spoiling all that I have got as heritage


it is something that I cannot live with, for long, Yes these are those back breaking years, these 20 – 30 , so I am giving it knowingly,

but this is not a sustainable model


And I will have to seek a  place in society that suits, me , where I have time for a little freedom, a little freedom to express the lot

that is inside me

Today , was an average day, I worked on some good old issues, fixed some bugs , and nothing much to remember by


the back pain is revisiting me, don’t know, what can be done about it!!!

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