Friday, October 9, 2009

Oct 9 2009


Actaully 2:06, idle now for the last 10 minutes,

I could only think of writing a blog, it is not like I am racing against time to fill up some 400 blogs


But yes, I do want to hit the 500 Blogs mark. I want to prove to myself that, if you put in lot of non quality material for two years and produce 500 blogs

you will end up writing more like them but never get any readers ;)


Whereas if you were to do the same for a few blogs but more thought put  in, you will get more readers, who will visit you back and like what you write.



But the problem is, who will guarantee me that, so I am using my software engineers mind and typically pushing Brute Force not understanding the fact that no matter what you try , the web is a huge place, the internet is now, ad infinitum and you can use the www as good  the inifinity sign in your maths note books


Imagine an expression where x tends to www J


Well, jokes apart, today is another day , when I caught MTV playing some songs,


I wanted to book Wanted for tonight, but the show timings are pretty late .Here in RDB In salt Lake it is about 9:45 PM, I think the only thing wanted here is your own car.

Which unfortunately I have not been able to buy yet, due to a lot of fortunate ( not unfortunate , you got to think positive , that is what I say in the mirror every day )



Well, Catch 22 was a book that I did not comprehend in the beginning, and my own writing falls in that region, does that mean anything at all about a future prospect in writing,


Nope, I don’t think so



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