Tuesday, October 6, 2009

By the way

Todays Google logo says

today the Bar code was invented,


I just hope some day I launch a product and it hits the market and has a bar code


A good product that comes to my mind  “ the scent that comes from a girl after she baths “ 


Will get a patent I am sure


One thing more I can do is start a Jhagra Channel “ aam log o key barey barey jhagrey “

same jhagra,

that the Ambanis do ( though I think that by conspiracy theory , that is just a farce, these guys have split up

to pass two  Ambani Group tenders instead of one, thus increasing the chances )


These brothers are still together, they are just playing with this country


Reliance is one place where I am sure, that reliance word will be absent  inside their dictionaries


And more so, if you were to go to their customer care department, whole pages with words like, honesty, reliance,

reliability, customer, smile, good, best, better etc will be missing


And if you were to go into the billing department, there will be holes in those sections of their dictionaries

, deliberate, some custom made ,only for Reliance



And by chance if you were to go to the Ambanis house, you will need to pull Sherlock Holmes from his grave, put him in

a meeting with Feluda, take some suggestion from Poirot, invite Father Brown,  and may be also call Byomkesh Bakshi

If possible to find out, “where the hell is the dictionary ?”

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