Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chinese movies

Well now that my sister is learning Chinese , actually, she is doing it from two places, Rama Krishna Mission Golpark and CU ( Calcutta University )



We have a lot to do with the chinese all of a sudden, the torrents are almost always blocked with downloading, Chinese stuff, though it gives some

insights into their culture and accents, but I am looking forward to more opportunities, where one can learn a language efficiently


Obviously, catching the accent is important and for that you need more face to face encounters, there are more things that a language brings in mind

to a interpreter than to a normal person, when you are lerning a language for business or professional motives, you need to go through stages


1.       Learn the basic speaking skills

2.       writing is a must, read their literature

3.       insights into the new culture, we are lucky that in Kolkata there was a movie festival recently and if you are associated to the RKM you will know about it all

4.       start reading their proverbs

5.       understanding, parts of a culture, which include, cuisine, dance, clothing, history, politics, literatue, movies, music and education

6.       finally a very important thing that I would like to point out  is, even after all the hardships are done, you have not yet learned the language, until ……… you can fight in it


So though a person starts learning a language  he usually wants to know the shitty words, first, but the ability to put some good words, in a great show is like farting in the Woodstock


So one better be ready to fight a legal battle in court, or haggle with a shopkeeper, when he says that it is the day he has learnt it ,

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