Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oct 13 , evening 5:10 PM

it is a warm evening today

The last few days I have been extra alert or have been noticing this time of the day to be pretty cool. Today I don’t know whether this laptop is acting as the room heater is the question


At 4, one of my nieces called  up, one the few darling nieces I have, thought taller than me already, she is going to beat Yuktamukhee for sure. She will be entering her 10th next year,


A girl without any boundaries which many want to think themselves of, but do seldom touch those heights, though childish in talking, or starting the pep talks, she is quick to catch that you are getting bored, quite  quickly she put in the wrong footing today , by asking, ok now you do the questioning and let me answer


Shocked, what is this ? I am not used to asking questions, sometimes, when in mood I do talk a lot, but when there is a evil manager lurking around, you better, keep a blind eye for rest of the predators and let the manager enjoy the focus of all your attention


Having written a mahabharat on what a manger should be like, I don’t think I wll ever be able to practice what I preach. For hell hath no fury than a manager whose work is pending,


I can write along,  but nuances of the English language are not enough. We need a stronger insinuative language than even ebonics to come to the right statements that will adorn as a proper remarks for these managers


Anyways, may be these days of fun will be long behind, when I will walk away as being a manager myself, but there are examples in my company where managers are stepping down, they are becoming individual performers, or contributors but not a managers, for its seems there are some more wild creatures that prey on these sharks . ..


Well, 5:16, in six minutes I put up another blog, may be tomorrow I will be laughing over this, but while I am at it, I would love to wrote, keep writing…

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