Friday, October 16, 2009

Early morning Oct 16 2009

Well, this is a good time to work,

1:00 PM and I woke up just few minutes ago.


Woke up with a msg, we gotta find tickets for Puri, my friends want to travel.


Am still in Jadavpur, I slept at about 5 in the morning, but the result would had been same had I slept at 12 in the night, I would still have finished only that much amount of work that I am capable of,


this late night shifts are just bogging me down. In between I was sleeping at 12 in the night almost every day , now I seem to be losing it,

I know that is not good and though the youngsters of India all do that, it actually effects your brain,


Typically, all men of great thinking abilities , or rather the thinkers of India all,followed this as a pillar principle of their lives,

they invariably used the sun a reference point, when the sun sank it was high time for sleep and wake up with sunrise,


Obviously they could have survived in Norway doing it, 6 months of sleep ( which may be I can hold a bet that I will be that unique man to do ) but then keeping awake for next 6 months, that’s where, not only your thinking capacity will go  bust …



Anyways, will write something  more later


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