Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 26 2009

Today too, we had a long tour round the city ,

we bagan with some things to do, some stuff pending, in Dumdum Park, the VIP entrance is not ok and the old bumpy road  has been replaced with concrete slabs for the bus stand there and the autos too take it as a shelter sometimes. There was a bamboo gate hoisted for some political agenda I cannot remember now.

But overall the time when I came to Dumdum park for the first time in February 2008 and now, there is a lot to tell in terms of difference that the common eye can see.


I stood outside the Kali Mandir there, and waited for my friends to finish work, she is a bit of a  hopeless religious human , and hopelessly romantic too, someone to expect that god will make up for the fights she does, anyways, I was least bothered to think anything else but about the tranquility around the Kali Mandir, there is a huge school to the south of it and a pond ( one of the three main ones in Dumdum park ) , the locality though a little under noticed, but has the potential to be the next big thing in the north of Kolkata


I could find many houses, built in the same taste like people in some parts of Salt Lake do, some cottage shaped and some typical row house equivalents,

The flat and apartment culture had entered long time back but the Kestopur khaal being nearby, one can spot all kinds of people around, I could feel the Chhat puja in the air,


Though even in our Adyanath Palli, I could see that some of the Biharis had put the loud speakers to the full on some Bhojpuri song, right next to the Shitala Sweets shop here.


My friend had some more religious pious, extra pious stuff to do in Tegharia and as you know that the city is to well connected and every possible route to a place is possible from another, we came to Tegharia . There were shops line outside the Lok nath Baba Temple, and we stopped for sometea. I was thinking whether this small road in the front can take me all the way to Naraynpur, one of the heartlands of Rajarhat,


I asked some one, and he said yes. There was a line outside the main garbha griha in the typical Mandir sense, I had been there earlier, but today I could get a glimpse of the way it functions, it was founded by some one call Haridas and Radharani way back and it has continued well in to the 21st century with modern facilities like A/c , Sound systems, token  ordering, and everything in   a manner atypical of the temples in India.


Next we went to the Haldirams in Kaikhali , opposite to the BP Podder institute of management, had two paper dosas, one raj kachori and puchka with dahi ,

all the items were up to the mark and I think Kolkata wins your heart when it comes to the shopkeepers attitude to do business the way it should be done . May be the truth is that people here have been stuck here for a long time, they know the shopkeepers, there are always, people who will come to resuce you if a shopkeeper cheats you,

there will voices, there will protests, the smallest , micro revolution and things will happen.


Our nukkad in Adyanath Saha Palii, though an unknown one will have to two guards in the night, who sometimes fight amongst themselves, sometimes joke,

once I found one of them crying on the shoulder of the other.

There is a S& IB office here, they are a security office and provide security systems all around the city in MNCs, in banks, the head office being here


After Haldirams, we went to Big Bazaar, ( there are actually four of them adjacent to each other, Vishal, Mega mart, bazaar Kolkata and Bazar Kolkata, ) we need to get a big poltyhin bag actually and that was a intention , and we bought once again, another top, or was  it a churidar,

I don’t even remember,

but one thing for sure, I now know what ever it takes I will never be able to decide what to buy for a girl,

they are out right choosy and something that you don’t know, or cannot observe, catches her fancy and you are a mere mortal for not noticing it.


Anyways, we then came all the way to Laketown mela, had dinner in my place, went to City Center SaltLake, *( you can call it City Center 1 ) , then finally could not find a cab home

came all the way to Ultadanga, jumped the crossing , and came to the side where you get autos to Jaya, but none of them were even inching forward,


I took 215/A to Laketown VIP and then came all the way walking to home, the lake town mela was closing down, the last shopkeepers were shutting off, all the lights were off


Only one shop, next to the mini Jaya, where you can get an egg roll till 11:30 on normal days ,was still open


This was my day today , good that I got hold of a 2010 diary and did not buy it,

there in Big Bazar the cheap ones are coming for 89 rs, but the paper is not worth it, the ones with proper binding and had made papers were 300 rs and more , still the feelling of a new year has already sunk in me


Mid November my brother from Agartala ( cousin ) will be there in Hyderabad for a business trip, he will be there on the 8th,. I will have to reach Hyderabad before that


And also I have plans for Bangalore next month, which I don’t know whether I would want to , I would rather spend some time in Hyderabad finally.


and moreso , tomorrow my day starts with work work and work, the sharks will be in full form tomorrow morning, and I will be trying to fend as many as possible, the biggest shark is now running wild, and I will have to manage it,

don’t know how but I am writing a blog at 12:41 in the night, when either should be asleep trying to get up early tomorrow to meet the sharks, or I can work now, but blogging a strict no no



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