Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct 26 th 11:30 in the night

Another day over,

yet another day

today was a tiring one , I was typing here in this desk 24 hours back and I was tired then and the same feeling still persists


Slept all evening today. Actually had to skip work and go to the Howrah today at around 2 in the afternoon


If the train is at 4 pm, we usually leave home at around 1PM and if your luck is good, you will end up in Howrah in 20 minutes, which I was not willing since, I would have to buy the platform tickets twice


and since they have a single line for all local reservations, general tickets and platform, I had to stand in a queue watching Mamata Bannerjees posters all around, till I could reach the window


and as you know , or might have seen or experienced, as soon as you are near a counter and are going to deliver your request across the counter,the phone rings,

today was not an exception, an important call at that,


The coach was S13, which I was sure that will be on that end of the Howrah, where you can start smelling Hind Motors,

but luck was with us and it was right after the two AC coaches


The tickets were booked online and as usual ,since you are blindly booking, you will invariably get a seat near to the bathrooms, and that too the bathrooms in the Indian trains


I remember having taken a bath in one of them when I was young, the trains to north india, were clean ( imagine ) in those days, and today you can only have a stomach churning when you feel like going in one,



But the only good thing is that all people in the first bay (1-8) were through  online booking and a decent crowd was in .


After seeing off the train a good distance , we went to the Food Plaza there, we usually sat around the big clock in the old building of Howrah years back , but now adays, this food plaza is a rocking destination for giving meeting points,

we took to anar juices and one of this things from the monginis there call chicken internet.

I usually board a taxi that goes under the bridge, right on the outermost lane outside Howrah, today , we walked all the up to the bridge and took one taxi ,



The strand road still stands out to be a welcome distraction to my thought process, I see a lot of Marwaris, and Biharis, and think about Haldirams, the Mittals, the Birla, all of them started from these roads of Burra Bazar, especially  the lota kambal story for the first generation Mittals, the Mittals who got their daughter married in a style that European gentry could sign of  as fairy tales,

all started here in these Strand road,


Well, we crossed it, the Ganesh talkies, took the Vivekananda Road, crossed Kankurgachi, cross By pass, made a short cut from Laboni and then enter City Center,



Near to the laketown foot bridge, the salt lake side,a coffee place has opened up,

so you may get to hear some music, an occasional guitar session and at times, some local bands , just practicing out there,


It is a small hangout , with chairs and tables well into the road, but the usual Salt Lake aura stays with you,


I finally came back home, one the way , fetching some boiler eggs,and Anchor classic, my mothers must have thing in the house,


Slept for a while and now back to work, 11:42 in the night, hopefully will be able to pinpoint the bug in the code, soon,

this bug has been pretty annoying and I don’t feel like working on it


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