Thursday, October 15, 2009

For many people

they don’t see the world as I do, they grow up in a city , study there, make their roots, then uproot it and consider it pretty normal to go in search of work somewhere else, and then make the same jail around them


we in software are even more worse, we don’t even have a compound to identify, we are always busy with work, never able to attend the closest ones marriages, sometimes going to the extent missing ones own marriage,

we don’t have time on a weekday to go somewhere , get some chores done, and you know what we fight, when we do take some time off,

we fight the fear of losing a job for a mere evening, bcoz, when times come for firing off someone, more often than not, I find the ones, who were a bit careless, reckless,


we don’t have time for love, we are not give any accommodation, we come from another town or city ,since our cities were too small for our dreams, I know it is a choice that we make, but I was too young to understand that then, I did not have a guide to tell me then


Today I know that if I were ever to leave my home, my people, it will  be to see the world, but what I am doing is something else, I come to Hdyerabad, push myself against the rising prices, I fight my urges, save money only to make a second home here, after a lot of hardships, lot of toil, spoiling my youth and health and then I realize that I have the second jail again ,and I am not seeing the world either,


why is it, that we the poor, but educated in India, have to see the world in all its reality too soon

Sometimes I feel very mean and materialistic that I am not seeing full fruits of my labor in terms of money may be, and sometimes I feel sad that for me every month to get some money on the 1st has become a must, it is not like I don’t want to leave the comfort zone. It is that,they are not the necessities for which I was studying and now earning, and they are at the top of the priority list.   I am mean when I compare with others , but I am  in my basic skin when I just demand a more noncorrupt place, I demand some time for myself,


I have the thinking process which is not different from many in my position and I think I deserve more, what is wrong in that, and why is it that just he place you take your birth should decide your destiny for ever. Coming from the eastern parts of India, we are not the luckiest in terms of facilities and guidance, we all  are mostly self made and fighting our own fights every day ,



I don’t know, what is right or wrong any more. what is happening with me is it correct, I will not ask anything to anyone



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