Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oct 12, 2009 12:10

With more time to spend here I can find some of those moments  in which I can blog,

Increasing number of moods swings and more availability of the internet now gives  everyone to show up online,

present their views  and these online publishing centers become a center of so much common knowledge that was unprecedented  


Long time back , there used to be n stages of filtering, there were articles written in hundreds and a counted few would make to the common media

and media was more responsible, today every lay man with his or her ideas can come online and produce gems


there are bloggers who spend virtually all their time online, in an attempt to write more and more, but this also gives and opportunity for many to hone their writing, some become good at it, some start at least going  into a habit, and since all of it is perpetual and you can see a good blog after one or two years of well spent time,

you will feel this online presence which all together is a world of its own,


Well, for me today was a good start to a week that is going to be challenging, we are approaching release and I have to face pressure as usual,


Mamata Bannerjee to visit the trouble Arambag, the place where there were some violent shootouts soon, She will be going there tomorrow and before that we have Chief Minsiter Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee to have his meeting with PM Manmohan Singh, today afternoon,



Delhi to answer its preparation for the CWG today. This state is still fighting to go stable whereas I figure out or rather the whole of the city is now preparing for a bad 2010

all this street fights that were memories of the distant past of the change of power from Congress to CPIM will revisit this state coming year


there are urban legends that, once Mamata Bannerjee steers the party to power, there are people in her team who will happily sacrifice her for their own self motives  , she is the instrument for rapid change , thought change will happen but the grassroot workers are not different


I have some confidence in the intellectual content of the senior members of the ruling party but not the opposition atleast until now,

It is high time, that Mamata Bannerje takes a stance and pulls in the thinkers and not a bunch to goons to handle the situations

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