Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ban again

Ban started a typical Ban conv again

I was chatting with him a few minutes ago,

Gtalk allows you go invisible, well Ban put his status as invisible,and then he was asking me , that all of a sudden all his friends were pinging him

when he was invisible,


well the geniouses are crazy people, and all creative, intellectual, talented people know that.

Ban is neither of the above, Being from the Chatto, Bhatto, Mukho clan ( as I have already told you  ) , he is fairly simple,


knid at heart, but talks a lot, another sign of  a good man. But the problem is stay with him while he is chatting sometimes takes

patience,and any tough wife will fail to teach him anything, that is my expectation and prediction


Ban, read about the current political fiasco of Bengal,the Gorkhaland thingy is not yet over, Roshan Giri and Bimal Gurung are gathering forces out there, while, the south of Bengal is courting hardships, beyond control, there is absolutely no trace of democratic rule in the so called Jangal Mahal,


Here , Ban, finds so many realities, that had he been in the country, would have raised his voice against, I don’t know why the hell he is stuck in Korea, and that too

in some border lying area near to their unfriendly North Korea.


Ban, read about the story of Atindranath Dutta, and was laughing, when an OC of a Thana , can be asking for more security, there is absolute no law and order


there is no jurisdiction, no execution and god forbid, but I doubt that the constitution is a word that is unheard of there,

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