Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct 19 Bhai phonta ,

slept early morning, after some pending work from yesterday ,

sharks are now in hibernation.


Today it is a day off in Bangalore for Diwali, I have been working since afternoon,

One of the sharks sent some off beat messages, some beating around the bushes, and some spoil sport activites,


but rest apart, pretty cool till now


had a fight with my damager in the making,


got the bhai phonta done in the mean time, phew, lets call it a day and sleep off the rest,


3:39 in the afternoon, we had  the conch, the ululations, and the phonta rituals done , earlier,


watched the Kolkata news channels,

last year for the Bhai Phonta, we had the Nano shaped mile sweets called sandesh,

this year , we have Duronot Sandesh,


We had Kali Pujo lighting with the theme, Mamata Bananerjee flagging off the Duranto


WE had some small problems here and there, about the number of people who got caught or were arrested for lighting the sound crackers, it seems this time about 1100 people were arrested for the acts of decibalism.  Some claim that the CM was trying to get some sleep when the sound all around, pushed him out of his house in Palm Green in Park Circus,

I can imagine the ruckus in South Kolkata, where the more affluent people stay, and the ones who have the audacity to keep the police at bay , by locking their collapsible below and heading straight to the terrace to light up all their crackers


Some did it all night


Our own Adyanath Palli, one of those so heavily unknown places in the planet, also lit up , it had the grand idea of pushing the bombs below a tin , and explosions that targeted pulling down many nearby houses, including my dilapidated structure here, were near and far , now and then ,


it was a thing you can call, that the sky was full of light, cheek and jowl …


Sorcerer said...

so you had an awesome day!!
The climate is holding good!

Anonymous said...

more n more people should opt 4 a noiseless diwali ..high time ...
i have done my bit ..did u ?? :P