Monday, October 19, 2009


I got hold of a Malini edition today


I was sitting in City Center today evening, when man, looked like he is in mid thirties, He introduced himself as a Avra Bannerjee, selling this magazine , promoting the magazine from Shantiniketan.

He told me about his life, how difficult it is for an artist , a poet

I don’t have the words now to write exactly what I was feeling


I took some Agarbatis, some peanuts and an edition of Malini


I need to read it, I know that Bengali literature is supposed to be full of the realities of life and the toughness, harshness of truth


His father has some medical condition, I don’t remember what, all I could figure was this 35 rupee magazine, would fetch him about 100 rupee at max , 3000 rupees extra other than some salary that he would receiving being in the magazine team, which I know is not that great


struggle for an artist is lifelong and I take a pledge today that I will not be greedy anymore, I will not compare myself,


His last words  were “Look sir, now you are in a family gathering , will not disturb you, you are now in with your mem sahib, let me know disturb you, bye for the day”


The real intellect goes selling  books, trying his luck,


His number is 98741 99136

If you need to get hold of this magazine, please get in touch


help a fellow community of writers,

Thanks a lot


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