Saturday, October 17, 2009


Suresh Kalmadi , once claimed, that the SAI , IOC, etc etc, are spending crores and crores of rupees on developing sports in India,


Well, today after the commonwealth games committees report about the pace of work and tension about the slow developments, in Delhi , for the CWG 2010, though a common house hold names in the NCR, there are doubts hanging from all ends about the basic infrastructure, forget about the money going in, the amount of expertise getting pulled in , given the fact that Delhi Metro is facing more and more problems,


Stooping low, bowing to every small incident is not going to work anymore, we have now gone to the phase of hopelessness,

and patriotism out of hopeless ness,


There is a new wave of “no no no , lets talk good about the things, “ , we are not supposed to look at the faults as badly, we should learn from them, we should only see the growth happening,


Good that my friend a staunch believer in 2012,prediction , that the world is going to end, told ,


Look , we in India, keep dreaming that tomorrow all of a sudden things will change, we will have a Obama too, a one man speechometer record holder, to make the change,

well, we have now started to feel that we are all of a sudden green, fresh and within our life time we will see India topple the world charts



Topple, I am not evening thinking about toppling, I am just worried that pictures of the current Afghanistan and Pakistan though increases my belief that I am lucky to be in india, parts of this country and many people live in conditions worse than that of the countries I mentioned,




My friend ( his name is Ban , has been a topic of many of my blogs, a man with lot of ideas ) , he thinks that 2012, we all go down, and all we Indians , will never see that sun rising, the sun that with it warmth and rays of hope will take us forward, will take us to the top. I think being educated and open to the world is painful experience for anyone in our country,

the more you are educated, the more you realize that human life has a sub subsistence level existence here, and we are still fighting jus to maintain,


a lot of whining has been done already in the past, but somehow the media is of the new outlook that, we will blindly try to infuse wrong hopes in the countries stability  and this and that,


I curse the Engineer in Andhra, who alone amassed 250-300 crores of declared worth , I just simply don’t know, what the bigger buggers are doing,


simply curse him for showing the depth of the unimaginable and horrible depths of corruption in India,

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