Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shark bites

this November, strict warnings to make me Digambar ( maaney nanga ) ,


has been announced, so I might be joining the blogger union whole heartedly, and fully occupied.


Good, that those days will come.

I will go for a morning walk, and then for swimming in the evening


Will go to Bangladesh, start with my research work sometime in November end,

Go to Agartala, help my dad in his business,

study hard , just like I did 10 years back for my 12th


I just cannot remember a more enchanting time than these.  Kaash, mai aaj fired hota, and could have spent some time doing good work.




Actually , who have been working like me since their BTechs have two ways of looking at it, some frown at the loss of opportunity that

they could not study , and the others look at the world around like this

I am already 5 years in to work and have some savings to make me go through 6 months of no work


in that 6 month, I will struggle back to a job and once I have seen more than one company, I can reap the benefits of experience,


Having seen multiple corporate this will really help me,

Anyways, now adays, a job looks like a bad proposition and a Europe tour is what I feel like ..


Seriously if I were ever to see the mail to get fired, or I get the pink slip , in my bachelor days, I will consider it as a golden opportunity to study , read and learn more and more

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Anonymous said...

inspiring !! lol !!