Monday, October 5, 2009

One more day gone


one may choose to look back on each day of his life and see for himself whether or not that adds anything to him or her.

For me today was one waste of a day again,


Having started the day with some bad experiences, courtesy ( the sweetest manager in the planet ) , and then having had a sleepless night yesterday , I can barely type now


I have no energy , whatsoever, but I still have got one thing left

more work


One does have to ask , “ Why man, why are you working so hard?”

Actually, I was passionate about work always, and I thought if I worship it I will get luxury in life and all those materialistic things that I always want for. But now in this

competitive world and a populous country like India, I found it the hard way, that the amount of hard work that I am putting is all towards just surviving  in this world


I was trying to work out some monthly expenditure list,  a few days back and I was astonished that I could optimize it below 80K a month, that is 2000 dollars a month,

who said , India is a cheap country, and all that LCC ( low cost country , BS )


Well, I don’t have energy today to show you how I came to the 80k expenditure, bill per month, but that is the plain truth

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