Thursday, October 15, 2009

I call it a day

that is the status of a friend in gtalk , A friend who I met after some time, actually in rapid succession after a prolonged gap


Now I am Jadavpur, working again, started work again after a gap of 6 hours,aaahhh ,. how sad, how boring, nope, there are somethings to write about  that I need to .


For example, This Dhanteras that was never a Bengali thing, today I  was standing in Golpark searching for an auto right opp to the RK Mission you will see this auto line for 8B ( 8B is the bustand for 8B bus and is popular as an alias to the Jadavpur, the university that has seen greats all over the century walk its hallowed campus.


Well, I went and asked one person in the line,is this line for  Jadavpur autos, one girl, ( she was wearing, flil flop, a straight cut jeans, looked at me at an angle that I cannot put as acute or straight, gave me a snub, and looked the other way, another lady with a kid in  a jeans jacket, she started staring at me in some delusion, another man standing there, the tallest in the lot, gave me snarls, and finally one middle aged man, pulled by his wife all the way from the RCB match today ,( CLT20) , looked like he needs to tell me whats going on here.


He gave me a look of selfpity and  I was already sympathizing with him, when he told me  “Dada , aita sona kenaar line”


Oh now I get it, it is dhanteras and the Anjali jewelers outlet is seelign gold like hot cakes, No wonder they say that India is a rich country, where Bengalis, that too Bengalis, the poorer of the lot in current India, stand in a line out side Anjali Jewellers and buy gold like Marwaris do, ‘


Kudos to indianization, it is not globalization , it is Indianization, that is why early morning of Eid, there was news that Trinamool Netri , wen to topsia, went to Rizwanur, haqs house and met all the people there, she did kind of inaugurate the whole , in her one discreet way,


anyways, more on that late, with the shark, ( nope not from the film BLUE , but the manager that exists to  attack my existence, will bite , will pounce and if given the audience will, tear me into pieces, )


Let me go to back to work, Ahem

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