Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hit the end of the day Oct 4 2009

Just before hitting the bed

I know nothing good will come ofwriting now, neither will the punches come , nor the strokes of utter brilliance that one can see in my writing, blah blah


etc etc


my writing at 2 am might as well be the start of a new way to live.  There could be a book about how one man , at the end of his day at well past middle of the night, where Baba Ramdev has already woken up for his early morning exercises, and as well as millions of others. I am going to sleep , and before that I will write a small blog


nothing furnishing about the day today ,

Lakhsmi  bisarjan, went to the laketown swimming pool, actually there is a pond near it, where we did it last year too, but I don’t remember, my memory fails me, fails everyone.


Well, I just remember that during the Kali Pujo , I had to go deep down and immerse the goddess. Now today , all that hoopla about the Lakshmi Pujo is done, it used tobe great in Agartala I remember, with kids from so many places, so many houses nearby , so many neighbors, I don’t even remember all their names,

we would go house after house and eat the Prasad, there will be nights of fire crackers, after the Durga Pujo , during the Lakshmi and Kali Pujo days


I remember returning from the tuition at 10 :55 pm  one night, and I almost hit a car al bcoz of the smoke from the firecrackers all around the town,


Other than that, I saw the new technopolis, CCD out there in Salt Lake area. It  is quite ,  nice and cozy , the CTS guys who work there, I pity, first a low paying company and then in Kolkata, the salaries will be amongst the lowest brackets,


That is the story for all software guys now, the world squeezes  a dry sponge, nothing left…

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Anonymous said...

dont pity the CTS guys package is quite handsome when one considers the kolkata standards and its the same all over india !!!