Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finally the net works

I remember a long time back , we used to read these amongst the jokes

“Microsoft works”


 I also remember, taking a foto of the Windows hang notification in  NewYork Subway, I think it was the one where you change to take the park .


Now finally my net works and I feel ecstatic to start work


the whole day , my body gave up, I did not , I could not and I hoped not , to  work


prayers were answered, there was no net, but that means no other activity too, Read some more of Pagla Dashu, Dashrathi from Sukumar Samagra and then went to sleep with the earphone plugged to my ears, so that if there is a official call on the softphone, I can pick it up


I am planning to take a Bluetooth solely to be on the phone anywhere in the house,


Now I will get back to work,


go to sleep my fellow disciplined buddies, for me the night is young, and I am the old man that will ravish it.

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