Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kali Puja 2009

 This was a great Kali Pujo for me,

I was pretty active on the blog, while the Durga Pujos, as because I was not able to move an inch, this was a better experience.


When you start comparing yourself to what others have done, you can never be happy, that is taken for granted,


But when you start comparing your own experiences with your past ones and comparatively they are better, atleast context wise you are satisfied,


I had to go the new city center in Kolkata the one called City Center in New town, seriously both the city center are no where near to the city , least of all center of the city, WE have been trying to search flats near the center in places like Bara Bazar , or Manicktala , or Shyambazaar, as because to get the taste of real Kolkata one has to be there in those places, for I have a staunch belief that, no matter what happens to the outskirts, the center of the city though neglected today , will remain hotspots, and places of commercial interest throughout.


I am sure that Rajar hat will come up , but then I want to see or rather stay in a place where I can enjoy and not leave it to my next generation to enjoy,

though a little on the selfish side, to think that way , but then , I have just seen too many lives, not learn the fact that, don’t delay life to come in, or at one point, you will be running for it.


We went to Karunamoyee at first to get the bus to New town, got one those new ones, which go all the way till  New town and from there you can get AS1 or AS4 till the next T junction. From there you got to take a bus to Chinar Bazar. I was surprised there, there were very few taxis plying, a remote chance to get a bus and no autos,

more over there were no people in that go forsaken place. I usually am not averse from adventures, but my girlfriend with me, especially when is such an eye catcher, every SUMO or a Maruti van ( which she calls a villains car ) looked menacingly dangerous.


All fears apart, we came to the city center two.There was magic show going on the outside, though it looked smaller to start comparison, but we could see many new openings here and there,


More so we went to the Afraa creperie, met some wonderful people there, read some of the best indoor posters in a long time

I will place one of the notices later on in a blog,


we came out, bought some cheap jewellery ( the artificial ones ) , saw the Ujjwala apartments, took a look inside, though the watchmen told that almost all the 1500 apartments were sold, we only saw some 2 or three windows open,

must be one of those NRIs who are here for the Pujos,


anyways, I came back home around 9 , lit some firecrackers, went out for the Barast Pujo at around 10:30 ,

well to add to it, we had to eat some where, found that Bhojohori Ranna after the airport gate 2 , it was so full that they predicted about two hours in the minimum if we had to stand,

we chose the sher e Punjab , in little distance apart.

The restaurant though full, we managed in side the AC room after about 10 mintues,

the only problem being the common sight,  “ no longer do the decent looking public come to the best places to eat, I don’t know where do they go , or are we so goddamn down market”

there were constant fight, verbal abuse, children sipping whiskey with their parents , teenages shouting in Bihari  foul mouth , I was totally upset,


Long time back , once I took  my mother and sister to ITC Sonar Bangla, the thousand rupee evening buffet, All I saw was a NRI couple, and the rest some new comers to money,

Yes, they  have reached a good point, and have come to the good restaurants to self assure about their stature, but alas, the people who serve them had better sense of dignity then them,

just because you have the money, does not give you the right walk over someone else as a non entity, that is one thing, these new comers will not understand


But after all, at 1:00 am we started for the trip, went to Rajarhat,

I really did not know so much about the place, from Kaikhali , opposite to Haldirams, we entered towards the Netaji Sangha, that won this years Star Ananda, best Block Buster for he Kalipujo, our decision to avoid the Barasat pujo as because, it was only attraction and people will be all flocking there , so to avoid the crowd, our decision was correct


In any case, I am happy overall, with our journey today , we saw about 10 in Rajarhat area, some small and some big, then we saw the ones in Amherst street, the one in Fata Kestos area, and then bout 5 in Dumdum area


that was it, the final one being somewhere in Bapuji Nagar in Nager Bazar, finally at home, with the last pent up pieces to work for my shark , I took some loan to write this small writeup , just a gentle reminder about this day ,


will forget this some time in life, but if ever I read these lines back will make me remember the Kaii Pujo of Kolkata 2009.


I did miss the part where I saw some pujos of the south Kolkata, the tubri competitions in the 8b Bus stand. Will write about them some time later



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Anonymous said...

nice way to spend kali pujo ..
btw its bhojohori manna n not ranna :P

nevr go 4 theese lone restaurants on a festive occasion ..splly bengali 1s n esplly BM ..coz they have advance bookings ...

either hit malls ..where there are minm 4-5 options n if all fail theres always the commoner's food court ...or try places like china town where there are 50 restaurants ...

u can also try extremely small ones like tandoor park at golpark or tibetan delights near exide which have hardly 4 tables but provide awesome food!!!