Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct 15 ,morning 3:33 am

This just beats it, I wanted to change, I wanted to sleep early regularly,

I wanted to be on time almost everyday for the last so many years,


but somehow, this thing that says, well today has not ended and I still got some more minutes to finish this ,off

am I doing the right thing, waking up long hours,. actually makes me dull for the next two days,

once manager once told me that it is a serious productivity issue actually to  be having wrong hours to sleep

while he himself was managing night shifts two weeks a  month,


Still, I feel that I am the only one guilty in this case, I am the defence and I am the prosecutor, and I am the clerk and the



I am the person who will hold the Geeta , while I am the darwan who will sermon me in, in this court, I am the sole actor, and there is no

other judgement to  be pronounce, we know what it is going to be,


For me going to sleep while I am ultra charged up is something very difficult. I will be doing something or the other, but beyond that going to sleep is not my cuppa of tea, atleast for another couple of hours,


This is not good, I need to mend it,

Earlier I used to be in office and would sleep in the office itself, I had the sleeping bag and was  by this time inside it,

at 6:00 in the morning, there would kewl breakfast for the night shift guys, I would partake that, early in the morning, then go home watch tv , watch a movie, wake  up by another 8 hours and bath and go to work

that was indiscipline at its worst


anyways, more about me later, I will now pronounce myself not sleepy at all, and work for some more time

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