Friday, October 30, 2009

Oct 30 2009

Last three hours, inhuman tiring conditions, unwelcome surroundings, and shark infested mails


there were mobile calls, mails, and smss, all threatening, menancingly close to metaphor the looming danger of a hanging sword,

supported by a flimsy thread


that’s office life,


A good friend of mine is now new to office, today is the casuals day for her, I hope, things will be good to her, and not as tiring, painstakingly difficult as mine


Still, these are the days I want to spend learning,.


There are times when I dwell, whether going to school back will help, may be as a vacation, actually, everything will look like a vacation past this. Will sail through



Anyways, school will not be an good option , bcoz you will learning and you will have to pay up for it, that too to the ailing American, where the Statue of Liberty is having a cough,

cold and minor flu,


I am sure it is high time to stop studying and learning as much as possible in the real world, still as time flies, I am not able to concentrate on the present,


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