Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wake up Sid

well, there were Mtv Tickers, demoting this movie for quite some time, as people said , things like

“Dude, get an alarm clock next time”


‘Next time?’


“Wake up everybody , the last song in the movie “


“Why did Sid not go to coma at all?”



Well, again, I thought , seeing one of the trailers that, we were in for another movie, where we will see, rich kids, spending money


I like the start, a portion where this hero will claim that in future too he thinks about spending his dads money, I am sorry that all rich kids have to

live upto this hype and expectation of being notoriously useless, and all good people on earth are not to tread their paths, only to sacrifice their own lives

to create more like these,


Recently one of the child education plans in India, you will see a small animated kid, with a pony tail and an electric guitar, playing it like David Glimour,or an ala Satriani , Petrucci

etc etc


I can name them in my music posts, some time later, but the ad has this nice caption that says, “ so that you child can grow into someone that you could not”


Sid has this same message too somewhere, Anupam Kher , liked photography and Sid took it up inistinctively, All I was really worried was, that he will becoming the new shooting star, with one song change



Farhan Akhtar is a favourite in this nation and especially for kids who read “Three mistakes of my life “ and all of a sudden become amongst the ones,who talk about the quality of literature in our current times.


I have some serious implications like, other than Rock on and Luck By Chance, he has produced movies for the masses,but pulled his own standards down


IN Lakshya, that one song transformation for Hrithik, was too much for me to gulp, and I was really worried that Karan Johar will do the same thing, I am happy that, finally he did not mistrue us into believing that each of us ia jewel and we will get our days in the sun one day or the other,


This SID will come out good, and will become the best photo grapher around , this Howard Hughes, larger than life, and mass populism of overnight stardom that has crept into the citadels of Indian midsets, is now firmly a part of the output that media produces,


A slight comedy like Flop Show , which was not forced down our throats,a Byomkesh Bakhsi , with a limited, time, The Hum Logs,

I still salute that DDs, for not emulating, what I call the over stuffing of non nutritious programmes.


Did I not change, or am I not willing to change is out of question, but if the new generation is supposed to be watching this , I better, buy them some thing else….




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