Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well scandals

My last post was supposed to be   a meaning ful one with hints that I started about, but could not finish it,

Yes our current PM did contest the elections this time from Assam and I think they have started to give some attention some rats ass attention to assam




Two months back I was in Guwahati and three years back I was in Guwahati , there is a lot of difference now and then, you cannot recognize the city anymore

and the way it is growing, if Kolkata is not taking the challenge up, it will too late later on


I am astonished at the way many of the office in Kolkata work, yes some are the poppy eating babus, ( I mean aloo posto guys ) , who will sleep personified, dullness magnified,

and sluggishness deitified,

yes there are Bengalis like them and on the other hand you have us, we work like anything, but the problem is we do it from an MNC , an American corporation , Barrack Obama and Osama matter to us both ways, we are walking both their swords,

we are the ones that will get hurt everytime they fight,


anyways, we are the hard working Bengalis, but our toils and sweat are going to some other land, to some other person and not to a Bengali, finally. My landlord, he takes some, my maid, to cook, to washerman , to newspaper guy to everyone I know. I don’t see any Bengali in any one of them


Had this government been proactive I would have been happily working here, all my life . Anyways, I have learned and seen more cities now. My heath has gone the wrong way in the process, but no regrets. Well,. all  I can say is that though there are some poshto babus here in Kolkata  I am surprised at the efficiency of many of the things that happen here. The Ultadanga bridge, the east west metro, all of them are happening at rapid pace, the electricity office, the Kolkata police and the speed at which they solve the problems here, I am simply astonished.

Who says you need the best working environment, you need a/c , good cars etc etc,these people here are institutions of efficiency themselves, according to reports from various institutes, the power infrastructure of this state is the best, corruption is still in lakhs, here . Yes it is there but one thing I can pride in is the fact that the west Bengal brass of CPIM politicians though completely principled and stern , are atleast educated, no one in their top echelons, will leave their idealogy for money


We see many defectors, but they are all the poison and the toxic assets of CPM , the ones who are defecting, never  believed in communism. neither did they read a single line of Marx.


One publisher in Germany told that Das Kapital is selling like hotcakes since last September, Since Lehmann brothers crashed

This October is running fast, it is getting out of hands, today is Oct 15 , I will wake up , when half the day is over.  and then there will typical problems to solve the rest of the day,


and it will go in a jiffy, all I can say is if time heals recession, then let time have wings,



but wait a second, you said recession, we read about billions of dollars in waster black money out there, we find , politicians one the wrong side of something, which made them got caught , and we have scandals worth 100s of crores, How can that be acceptable,

Yesterday the commonwealth games monitoring body was equally surprised at the pace of things


the basic infrastructure is not ready , forget about getting wireless infrastructure, electricity , world class camera and equipments facilities,


well I just hope we don’t make a debacle again, I just hope, if this is the pace  in Rajdhani Delhi , I just pray for the rest, when other countries, have risen and fallen , we are still trying to make an attempt


people talk about shining this and shining that, I know of merit getting least rewarded.  How does one perceive a man with money now. No one respects him in India anymore,

and that is one thing that a man with money learns quickly and that makes him even more scpetical about the world, he expects the same royalty air, that he once saw other rich people having in our country but he does not get any,


I am increasingly worried that his difference amongst the rich and poor, rising food prices, and day in and day out, the exposure of scams where one person can pocket 200 -300 crores, ( that too declared amount) God only knows the reality .


I  am worried that soon the educated and the frustrated will come out on the roads, no more just enough to keep you happy will work, once the people with pens rise up, take the sword,  it will be a new era


“ The hand that carried the pen once will be mightier while using the sword “


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