Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct 27 2009 2:07 AM

 Jagadhatri Pujo , 2009

I cannot believe  it, that I have a job and I am able to witness, Durga, Lakshmi ,Kali and Jagadhatri Pujo, all in one go


Though, the job at hand is to finish office work, pending and upcoming. I am more relaxed than I should be,


Our very own Adyanath Saha Palli, has a S& IB office, now shining more than ever, celebrating its own Jagadhatri Pujo ,


Although one does not need to go Chandan Nagore nowadays to see it for your own and people are already tired of doing it again and again

some have the patience and the enthusiasm to actually visit the pandals of Chandan Nagar.


Star Ananda, Tara News, 24 ghanta,

n number of channels do bring home all the fun .


I am starting work for the day, our colony , or rather this galli is decorated for the past one month, it is already the next nabami , past the Durga Pujo, I have overstayed

by a month and a half . I will be starting home this weekend , going back to Hdyerabad and hopefully next week by this time run short of time to blog,

will be engrossed in work, pressure and life


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