Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 things to do when stuck in the Begumpet flyover

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Given that people have changed lifestyles depending on the time at which they cross the Begumpet flyover I believe that Indians are great in adapting.

Somebody said cockroaches will survive anywhere , it applies to Indians as well. For so many years Indians have survived abroad without any social activity to start with. They were looked down upon in the western countries but so pathetic was the troubles in house that they preferred it abroad. Man is a social animal . Somebody said that ( kisi ney to kaha hoga: courtesy "U me aur Hum" )

Well, When Ramayana used to be televised they said that it was traffic stopper . People planned their weeks to land up on time to watch Ramayana. Wow, then it seems Begumpet flyover has the same effect on us. I myself being a late riser had a different plan for the day . I happily come to work by 10 nowadays. Thank you Begumpet flyover.

But the main point here is that "what to do when stuck in the Begumpet flyover"

Here are 10 top things that one can do while stuck at the Begumpet flyover

1. think about all the work that could have been over and done had the SOB flyover not been there.

2. Think about joining politics , frustrated at the way India works.

3. If luck is on your side, you may have some pretty face to look at. May be not ogle at her but glances once in a while could help your mood

4. Try bhrastika and kapalbhaanti , courtesy Baba Ramdev

5. I wrote couple of poems on my way today , Also thought up this blog. May be that definitely rings a bell in some of the minds out there

6. Watch the hoardings which says "Freeing prisioners since 2004" , wow, how ironic

7. Open your bag , arrange the stuff lying there for so long unattended. You might come across something that you were searching for a long time

8. carry a pocket size iron with you, take off your shirt, put it one the hot seat of your bike and iron it, if you like

9. Get down once in a while, do some stretching exercises.

10 . Try starting a fight, That will keep the people on the bridge entertained and finally for those who are spiritual can also , complete their Hanuman Chalisa , or their daily mantras on the bridge.

Well there is a 11th one. But you need to have a fat guy lurking behind. Punch him on his nose and then try some stunt to get off the bridge or race though the zillion plus bikes on the bridge. That will give you enough adrenaline rush to go to office and finish everything that you planned for the day.

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