Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abour keyword country

Without wasting time http://www.keywordcountry.com/choosing-best-adsense-keywords/

I did come across this site today morning. There is a lot of information on the web currently which all lead to one conclusion that there are millions out there trying each possible way to squeeze and if possible tweak the system for traffic.


Try and get used to terms like niche and CPC and CTR because like every other domain you try there will be some jargon and with adsense you need to be really savvy about most of the stuff. Currently we are in May 2008 , the Adsense money makers have already raked their dough by the middle of 2006. You still had some chance of automating most of the stuff like auto article generator and auto matic web page making as well as highly dense keyword pages. You might chance upon so many pages that will have a bunch of keywords and nothing else.

This shows that there are people sitting out there who spend their time analyzing the general search traffic and they figure out the major keywords. Adsense bots will simply add adds relevant to those keywords and fill that page with relevant ads.


These kind of content does irritate visitors in the long run and they don’t make much out of the ordeal.


Coming back to this website , I found this interesting API they have which lets you do a keyword search and lets you know whether they are high traffic keywords or not.  Gradually this is developing into a science I believe. They also started to measure the effectiveness of some of the keywords with KEI ( Keyword effectiveness Index ) .

There are sites like this which will get your web pages to the top of the search pages, They thrive on this greed and hunger

Try : http://www.linkbuilderspro.com/



Here are some of the sites that you should avoid as well as never try to do the same on your own. Trust me Google has grown and it employs some of the smartest people in the world. They constantly think about how to stop the spammers, Any month old trick is as good as age old on Google and you cannot try it  , you will have a day in the sun but then you will dive deep forever.  They pursue wrong doers to the extent of madness.

I have been trying to find some pages with gibberish content for the last few hours. I am not successful yet. It just goes on to the hard handedness of Google in matters related to Keyword pages.



And finally one blog that all should read is the adsense blog itself directly published from the head quarters




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