Friday, May 9, 2008

About headaches and Television

Initially I thought I will do some research on the way the pain killers work and medical explanations for headaches. Now I feel that the blog need not do all that since all will sympathize with me that Indian media is far more concerned about the love affairs of the common man.

Can you imagine the head bosses of the News channels on TV might be wishing that there is another Nithari and there are more killings ?
That is obnoxious as a thought. There are many who have started to believe that that any thing can happen in India after Nithari ,
Nithari ( somehow in black humor does it not sound like "had Nisha Kothari started a IPO the stocks would listed against that name )

Well, when the typhoon Nargis hit Myanmar some of the news channel depserately tried to kill more people or bring in unaccounted fingures in anticipation that the numbers will rise and it will look like the next big news on tv.

When one of the commissioners dogs wetn missing I was praying to god that they find the dog and ask it

"How did the criminals treat you?"
"Did they torture you by any means "
"Aap jo ghar laut aaye hai , aap ko kaisa lag raha hai ?"

Seriously out of touch with decent conversation for a long time ( I mean the dog )

Media can do anything, they will peep into broken love affairs and murders committed out of that. They are age old crimes and as long as man is alive crimes related to love will keeo happening , no matter how many news channels come up and how many incidents about them are covedred on television when the smitten lover is at a loss he will strike back. The old family strifes are all there since the beginning of time,

No saas bahu serial can come near to the Mahabharat in terms of imagination. Human beings have not grown much in the last 5000 years. They are still the same old assholes that they were when they sat for a match of gambling to waste 13 years of their lives ( even to bet their once in five nights wife Draupadi ) .

What media fails to come out is show the people what they are standing upon really. Any type of negative news is welcome more than anything. They have started to show Jaadu tona .

What the hell, The next they can concoct is a love affair between Rakhi Sawant and Hrithik Roshan !!

things will change in the near future I believe , there is this show called MTV Wassup, Vani will feature in that ( The non nonsense Vani from Roadies 4 ) How I wished that she won . But in any case it did not matter for her and me either.

She said it plain and cool " If Zee news were to show some more of Khali 's daily drama , as like what does he wear when he goes to sleep, What does he eat when he is in US "

It is more like watching animal planet with the animal understudy is a new species "Big Mouth"
( the association being the Big Foot)

Today I will stop here. I am typing furiously, I have actually booked a ticket a Fame Cinema today at 2 'o clock in South City Mall,
I went to this mall yesterday evening ( 9th May 2008 ) , Seriously such an oddly placed mall. It resembles the way Hyatt look near to the slums. The foreign delegates are immediately bought to terms with the living conditions of the poor in India,

BBC being another of those new channels which has a huge archive of footages about the poor in India. Ask them about what happened after Balraj Sahni left his post as an anchor in BBC they have no idea. I think they only know about the fact that 50% of the children in India below 5 hav e no proper medical care.

Care is a thing we cannot afford to . We are still on our way to make a nation. We cannot rest now

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