Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is India really developing

I know that there are many searches related to this topic

But the unfortunate fact is that this thing is getting searched for by many NRI's in other countries who are trying to come back and want to know the facts,

I know that in Cricket we are able to take over the old system where cricketers went to Sussex, YorkShire, Lancashire to play the English Summers , but things have changed we have now players vying and dying to play for the eight teams in India.
Slowly with more teams to come like Himachal Apples and Nagpur oranges in IPL I think we will have a lot of openings for outside players in India.

India has the money power to buy Steel giants, Automobile giants, BPO firms and slowly Real Madrid will be playing under one Indian boss but where is it really taking us,

it is really going too fast nowhere,

Look at the msnbc reports of Haiti where people eat clay cookies to survive, the reason being that the countries economy is being enjoyed by a few elite and not the common man. India is going towards that future,
With reliance selling vegetables and chappals we will soon have an OCP here ( remember Robocop )

We do have a fast development in Delhi but the prices are higher than in Dubai for god sake.

Hdyerabad which has water problems eveyrwhere and is very hot throughout the year has real estate prices that put posh areas in London to shame,

There are small patches to land in Kolkata which are developing but the rest still walks in the 1960's.
In Bangalore the traffic will kill people out of waiting but the land prices are going up sky high, The sjy rises are coming in Mumbai but only for those with black money , there is a huge supply and no demand.

All the flats are bought by NRI's and real estate guys who buy 10 at a time.
Sorry state of affairs , Government pays for world class infrastructure but development is only to the level the people are staisfied.

WE as Indians are alwasy happy with whatever little we get and that is exactly the scenario in India. Things are getting developed only to the extent that is required to keep people thinking and hoping for better.
Too fast no where

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