Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another iteresting reply to John Chows pages

You might find interested readers skipping breakfast only to read John Chow,

He is a net mogul , So you might trust him.



I am pasting the reply to one of John Chows posts.

My husband and I made $32,000 for September 2006 and will make $42,000 for October’s check. I wish we could add ourselves to your list because that would be pretty neat, but we are concerned about my husband’s ex-wife knowing exactly how much we make. We pay her plenty as it is.

We have wanted to get out there and be a part of the Adsense community for a few years now. We know we have something special here and could give some great tips and advice, maybe sell some ebooks. I believe strongly in stating your intention if you want to acheive anything so I will say here that I want this money issue to clear up in the very near future so that we can “come out” (lol) and tell the world how well we’re doing. It would get a ton of local attention as well as Internet mentions, giving us more traffic, of course.

By the way, I’m sure everyone knows this, but the Google checks can be easily scanned and edited in a graphics program. We do that for visualization purposes. The one I am using now for visualization says “1 million”. If you want to get rich, learn about mind power and visualization and use it. Read any success books and they will all tell you that. It works. Good luck to you all. You’ll hear from us again in the future when we are able to be more open about our income.

Thanks for building this list. It’s very interesting and inspiring.





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