Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Biggest earners online


Lets not talk about people earning in 100 dollars a day , Lets look at the biggest possible picture. Google in itself is the mother of all money makers. So the earnings of these few guys will just give you some hint about what Google itself will be making .


Just click on this link ( make sure you don’t fall down from your seat ) , put some glue please



This guy has raked in 900 000 dollars in two months from Google.  Though the thing that he is doing is unique if you were to ask me , In Vancouver he has this dating site which runs for free. Wow, such is the demand for online dating in other countries that people are making loads of money from it alone. 900000 dollars transforms to 3.6 crore rupees in Indian money . With just two employees ( that too his girlfriend ) all the money comes home. He just runs 4 servers to run his business.  His name is Markus Frind. Try and search for him online. You will see what I am talking about .



Second it seems is the guy who started Digg it, So trust me it is all hard work and a lot of ingenuity in the long run to make the hay when the sun shines.By the way he earns near about 250000 dollars a month. Google is shining and so are our chances to ride on this online business making. Trust me , If you are an Indian the revolution is in its bud, and if you are late you will never be able to sustain the rush in India. With the kind of population explosion it will take months to eat up any new domain that starts up in India. Look at the airlines sectors, news channel , mobile network, medicine anything . The only opportunity is a new niche. You cannot fight the big players, all you need is some ingenuity, Think of something that they would have done but would have done so big that they would require millions spent on just making a start while you can ride with your small venture unless taken over by any of the bigger fishes.


Coming back to the topic , we have Jeremy Schoemaker  who makes his 100K plus cheques per month riding on hundreds of quality content sites. He is having a  hard time out there too , trying to cope up with pressures of the job and page making. He must have a tough time trying to enjoy that money too.


Weblogs owner Jason Calacanis is the 4 in that list. So impressive was his venture that AOL brought him for 25 million dollars.  He got his network of blogs from blogger itself. Wow that just makes us all new comers and first timers so much more hopeful. But you got to think something different. All these guys were not just plain run of the mill bloggers, They genuinely invested their time and got it back as huge pay cheques from Google.


In this list though our very friendly Joel Comm makes it to the 7th spot. Although he must be making more money out of his book than Adsense.  These guys also try out hundreds of other stuffs online other than Adsense.


All the above winners are moneymakers from Adsense. And there are others who are not yet disclosing their stuff because of the Google TOS violations. Someday I will write detailed stuff about the interesting features of the Google TOS and how people have been blocked after having unknowingly crossed the line.


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