Monday, May 12, 2008

Gabbar gets some

try this for a really good ad

There are others in the list too like the Simpu Singh one. I believe there is not enough material on television nowadays. On Tata Sky the channels like Bindass have become pay channels and I have to pay on top of 300 to view them.

Also the shows like Sun Yaar Chill Maar has lost its initial touch , The research for the show has come down and promotional ideas like getting one star per show was not working well.
Though the variations in the characters and strength of personality in Manoj Goel does help a bit but in the long run the dialogs have to be well chosen

Friends as a serial had a plot that suited the character cast so well that now when I go back to the seasons 1 and 2 I believe that the whole plot was pre materialized and the character of the serial did not change with people demands. This is something I really hate about aggression of average opinion in something artistic. Though Friends cannot be termed as something artistic per se. But definitely the team working behind it was superior to the ones that generate run of the mill work that has captured the middle class wives in India.

FIR is a good one , ony because of the never seen before Chandramukhi Chautala character. Unbelievable. One of the films recently ( one two three ) did steal this concept in their Haryanvi police inspector Mayawati Chautala , a role that could have been well played by some body else.

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