Monday, May 12, 2008

Food problems for Bengalis in Hyderabad

There are a variety of things that I am putting in my blog here. I thought that why to leave this important topic,

The problem is solved when you know a lot of people in and around Hyderabad but for the newcomers they definitely should search the net for stuff like this, at least I searched the net for information like this. I did not get any help then but due to the social networking that I do I was finally able to get the contacts .

Phone Number : 040 32927849 ( Name : Mrs Anitha C )

Though she cooks north indian and South indian too, she is a Bengali and an expert cook , personal experience reflecting years of eating at her place. Now there are more people coming to her day after day . I think she will stop booking soon. Try her if you want to keep your stomach healthy when you are 35 and have kids who go to school . ( trust me )


da gr8 man said...

Hi freind,

Give a look at the our website..

You might find a lot of places and information.

sayok said...

Mahat Prachesta Sandeha Nei.
Kichu Lok Mile WB theke cook niye jaan.Ek Janer anna-sansthan to hobe!
Bhalo Thakun sakale!