Sunday, May 18, 2008

I feel sad at the way it is crawling

After having tried all day to get some user count increase on my blog I am now frustrated. Yes people told me that dont expect your blog to fly too soon or over night but I am not even seeing some mild increase in the rates. Must be the content is too boring. Yes , making money especially if some body else is doing it making you as one of the viewers and a part of his experience does not help I believe.

Well some more of the tips and tricks that I covered up today are meta tags, Try reading about them. Try increasing the number of meta tag keywords for your blogs to something that is relevant and gets people coming to your webpage come again and again.

Try and believe in this policy always that you cannot make money with evil means and even if you do that the money does not stay with you for long.
I wish I had the same typing speed as Bruce Almighty had when he was answering thousands of messages and thousands of prayers online. I could have churned out so many more blogs every day

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