Sunday, May 18, 2008

There is a single site that will submit your blogs to 40 sites

I think this one is really cool. With so many things online you can actually spend hundreds of hours figuring out how smart people have become. Now I came to know of this site that will add your blog to 40 different search engines, that helps a lot. , just unbelievable as to the number of smart people sitting there with hundreds of ideas. So if you are thinking about something online, you better be fast or else you will be thrown right behind in this fast flowing internet industry with everybody trying to ride on cheap success. It really takes time. You cannot just build it in days. I have been trying heart and soul on this for the last few days and will keep trying out stuff that is online only to let you know as to what is good and what is not

Today I am also going book hunting for my book called the "What Google never told you about making money " by Joel Comm. They are real adsense startegy book, the 4th edition is coming at a price of only 10 dollars. Worth a buy !

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