Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is the Google Sandbox a myth

Since 2004 , people have experienced a slowdown in the new sites getting or rising to popularity in the SERP’s


Serps are search engine result pages. With some amount of time spent on line you will definitely come across this term of Google Sandbox . Unfortunately we don’t have any direct evidence linking to that. What happens is that Google has not allowed any one to buy hundreds of links and do backlinking there sites to generate extra revenue. Also that the fact that in the competitive environments with multiple sites vying with the same keyword some body with existing popularity will not be forsaken for the new one with a high density keyword content.  The period for which they will keep your site in the probationary areas before they allow your results to be on top may be 1 month to 6 months.


All the make you rich quickly and be rich in minutes sites have not been able to garner any interest since all the claims about increasing your adsense income in about hours is a good as the cleaning Indian Politics in weeks.

So don’t worry about making money the quick way , because no matter what you do the Google guys have thought it and planned it all well for you. If you have a dedicated following and a blog that is laser focused you may be entering a better chance of becoming visible.


With highly competing keywords in your site , you make it more difficult to enter the foray. It seems that technorati it self is getting request to  add 200 000 blogs a day . I mean new blogs. I was one of the new ones in the last week. The web is a huge place . We need to have proper data about the kind of people we want to have as our readers and then we need to be honest with our dealings with them. Patience and Honesty is one game Google will teach us  and if not by command by the power of money.


If you were to research further and look at what Wiki pedia has to say about google sandbox , you will find that it is a theory that webmasters have developed over the years to explain the phenomenon that whereas Amazon and Yahoo are showing their web pages in the results Google has somehow kept your pages away from their SERP’s

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