Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Virtual Real Estate

Another term doing the rounds in the Net world is Virtual Real Estate. I remember  in one of the older posts I had written something about the HyperVRE stuff . This software will generate hundreds and hundreds of content rich sites over night and adds them to your root.

With a website having too many related contents and complete “mashup” this might get you a good chance to be in the good ranks in the page searches done. Click here to see the advertisements they are promoting and the confidence they have http://www.blogginginaction.com/Hyper/index.html


The site also has a lot of stuff related to auto generation of pages which will keep you safe from being marked as duplicate content by google.  There is a tool from google which actually marks which page was original and which was not for data generated from articles around the web. So if you have some idea about pulling out articles using a webreaper and then use scripts with some AI to generate bunch of pages you might land in trouble.

The Black Hat policy from Google is out there to bring the unlawful to rest.


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