Monday, May 19, 2008

Nothing yet, May 19 th 2008

I came across this site which says  what meta tags to  add. I accept the fact and will give google bot at least a weeks time before it can properly index my site or blog into its domain. Soon I will also start web hosting the following website

www.  which I want use for other uses such as questions usually asked in Indian interviews.


I tried to post some things yesterday night, including my acceptance into the craigslist which is now one of the most comprehensive lists in the net for all the sites all around the world. You guys may want to try it.

Currently there are a large number of books online which can be downloaded to find out about the way adsense works and how some people have already made a lot of money in that.


I found one book today which shows a very attractive adsense account which generated 4000 dollars in the first month but trust me folks as I spend more time online trying to research about the way adsense the more I have started to believe that playing around with it will make your lives difficult later because will actively pursue your site and accounts once it has detected any kind of fraud in it.


I will have to get back to work , today being a Monday is one of the ,most difficult ones for me. Since other than doing work I also have to write a lot about what I have done all of last week ( in other words I have to give the status for the last week ) which is a very sad thing to do under any circumstance.


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