Monday, May 19, 2008

Some thing about the next blog feature

Since I have been using blogger for a long time I find it interesting that not many people know about this feature.  This is the Add your blog to our listings question that you should answer as yes. Look at the following picture to get what I am talking about

Since it might get some other fellow blogger to your site by chance. Even that can help since with time you will realize the importance of chance encounters , it is somewhat of a lottery but there are hundreds of people out there waiting to read something interesting or the other.


But one interesting thing is that the next blog will take you some of the most happening blogs , may not be in terms of adsense and size wise, but it somehow figures out some of the most interesting ones.


Today I chanced upon this amazing blog of a person who collects pictures and had posted them to his blog, may be in sharing he finds a lot of pleasure.


It harms your adsense count or score with images in your webpage, I guess you know that by now. With three days of research now I am slowly becoming an authority in what not and what yes, but the daylight still a bit far away from me.


If I start earning l will definitely make it a point that you guys follow whatever I have done in this small blog of mine


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