Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some methods to get you blogs noticed by google bot

I am trying to gather all the information on how to get your blog noticed. Since I find it a mere waste of time writing something that is so relevant to todays date and finding no readers,
There is this site that you need to add into the googles databases to get the googlebot stand up and say "Hey I notice you , you are simply great"

Try this one, add your blog, and they may be withing time you will have some following. Well here are a few tips and tricks to begin with
1. Get your friends to link your blog int
2. Try to be members of some relevant groups, hopefully my experience will be to get int a group that believes in serious blogging, I will be joining some google groups today .
3. Try and add your blog to digg it and del ici ous.
4. Try and get noticed in the
5. Trust me with google spending more time trying to figure out what people might be using to fool their SEO algos they have already thought of lot things that you may not even imagine , so no fooling around. You can see this guys post to believe that there is a need to genuine pages to get the visitors.
6. Try and activate your site feed on . I will add more pages on this later
7. This is the site of 10 ten blog directories where you can post your blog to get popularity

I was a blogger earlier and without any motive to make money out of it or to become popular but that blog was popular in itself. So now that I have started again, I already have posted more than 20 blogs in the last 20 days, I need to increase the flow with so much of research going on in my mind I just wanted to share this everybody . I will try all the things possible and online to begin with. If I am able to crack it then you too can. I will keep all my activities posted online here in this blog,

A few months back I had tried to do a blog called "From toads to frogs"

You might have heard of the term "from frogs to princes" , well if I could make myself become a frog I thought of it as a achievement. It was a fitness blog solely aimed at motivating myself and in the process generate a lifestyle blog

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