Sunday, May 18, 2008

Interesting story about google bloggers

There are a lot of people out there wanting to blog or rather make money out of it , though most of my latest post have been solely related to Adsense and its affiliated success and failure stories. I think that there is a lot of out of google research work on going to get a thorough understanding about the way it works,

Here is a very interesting story about one adsense user who are all of a sudden bye byed by Google as per their agreeement. Like a increase in the clicks all of a sudden.

What the author is trying to say here is that you got have a steady stream of authors who are interested in your blogs and do comes once in a while to read them. To generate that kind of viewer ship you will have to spend a lot of time online or doing some other research. A friend of mine recently made a lot of money because other than work the only thing that he could write about without doing much research was philosophy , and all he did was write as much as possible about the troubles an Indian student faces abroad, The way his life is changed,
Some thing like the online blog resembling Anurag Mathurs book "The inscrutable Americans".

I think if you have come up to this point in the blog , you will be sharing a same passion as mine which is to blog as much as possible, but trust me dear friend it is difficult with the current job profiles demanding so many hours of work from each individual that other hobbies and passion have take a side step. There are many who will believe in painting , singing and dancing, For that to happen , for art to flow we need to have that eternal trouble as an Indian kid at the back of our heads. The over burdening of the elder kid in the family and the pressures of the younger ones will always keep you on your toes to make some money from your hobbies and if they dont pay off, you will rather not go into something as time usurping as your hobby.

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