Monday, May 19, 2008

About article miners

There are couple of sites that I have found that actually will generate any article given a keyword,

This  process is called Google arbitraging which is some thing that google has been trying to vehemently control.


What happens is you get a ad words account and then figure out some of the keywords and what people are bidding one and there is a chance that you might land upon some of the high paying keywords. It is understood that you will be able to write something on your own ( mind it that it is always best to be creative and have complete ownership over whatever you are writing ) . But the article  miners will be able generate the articles from a huge database that they have kept around them ,


For the site that I am talking about call the keyword elite has a miner with 250K  + articles and still growing. These guys also run a software that will give you the top words list. I believe that will time you will be able to get a webpage with a huge following and a lot of content that will generate enough visitors at least.  They will not stay there in your site if irrelevant stuff is included but some people are riding that path too.


Always believe in this universal truth that you cannot keep something lasting with weak grounds. You need to have the power to sell but the thing you can sell should have the power to be wanted a second time, and only then you become a successful man . 

Also try this free site for article making  if you like


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