Monday, May 19, 2008

Strategy as far now

I am a patient guy and all this attempt to write about the way adsense works is time consuming as well a drain on the mental resources ,” trust me”.


By this time I think you would have read some of my latest posts and found out  that I have been trying all sorts of tricks in the book to earn money using Google adsense and if you are following me with the tips and tricks you may as well try on it your own.


I did not find any sustainable topic that I could write that would have a general impact in the whole reader community, since my passion to write about India alone would have been a weak attempt as far as total interest is compared. Since I thought that writing about what I am trying to do as of now  will be of some refreshment for me as well as people who might chance upon this site and use it for their own good.


And starting with that I have already  written some 15 + blogs related to my efforts . I am hoping for my blog to get included in the google search results soon. I already can find my blogs in the search results and may be one day they will reach the results page in google for other topics life Adsense


I will get back to work since you do not have a thing called Free Lunch

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