Monday, May 12, 2008

About summer training for interns

I was trying to search for some methods to get an industrial training in Hyderabad for quite some time.
Did not get hold of any . First of all I tried my own company which as a foresight or may be due to some bad experience has all together made a policy of not allowing industrial training to any body. If at all, to only college like IIT , NITs and that too for 2-3 months.

For some other colleges they are asking the MTech students to opt for a whole year. In that time they will get the maximum oil squeezed out of them and also can handle them flexibly after that as most of the freshers are also freshers in terms of communication to their managers and HR.

Well, there are few things that I am trying right now. I came across this wonderful site which has some insights in to the number of people trying for internship out there. Also there is another place called the appin which will help the students in getting internship too .

A few years back I had gone to this employment agency which have a lot of contact in and around Hyderabad for facilities like job placements for average students. If they have contacts to get some internship with payment I bet they will manage something out of it

Also there are people who are suggesting me about government institutes like DRDO , NTPC , ECIL. Let me try to get hold of any of them if possible. If I do come across any of them I will also provide the links for them here in my blogs.

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