Sunday, May 11, 2008

One more flight today

hi All,
This one is more like my daily journal and not a part of the lively blogs that I keep around.
I came Hyderabad today morning by this early morning ( not so early morning ) in Kolkata , flight Air Deccan .
For me I had to wake up as early as 4:45 in the morning and Kolkata was lit full by that time , Now I can figure out why it is scorching heat by 7:30 in the morning.Literally people are sweating by then .
I took a bath and hurriedly went in search of a Taxi and found one right opposite to the Jaya cinema hall. Once Punjabi driver not much different from there brothers in the other countries. Very sweet in nature , not much of a talker unless if they are old and very humble.

The Shamsabad airport in Hyderabad pretty much looks like one oasis in the middle of nowhere. You can see so much cleanliness all around. The vast ness does take its toll and we have to look around to believe things that we in India can enjoy world class facilities.

It all came to an end when I entered the Lavatory. There are two divisions in the lavatory for the gents. One is a pure unrinals with regular hand wash stuff. This has mirrors till the wash basin level,

The other is the WC ( I think for Western Commode ) though there are Indian style stuff too. The mirrors here are half visible , may be the reason being people may not want to see their full body in the mirror after they use the potty.

The conveyor belts are well managed and getting your stuff out of the belt is easier without extra friction. It is posh and clean all around. I went to the bus stop where it came pucntually within a few minutes and started noly when the bus was full. ( Although the time mentioned was 11:30 sharp ) . Business cannot take a few losses in India right at this moment.

I came to know about this company called It is some kind of startup for online gaming community. People it seems are earning a lot of money eveyr month in this scheme. God knows how they promise to give you 160 times the amount you put in the end of a year. Well if it does I will happily take it. Have to think about it, whether or not to invest in it. Hundreds of people are currently investing , I have no particular idea whether it is the correct thing to do but if it does succeed I will come back to this blog and not feel guilty that I did not let anybody know about it.

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