Sunday, May 18, 2008

What about site maps

Though you will find a lot of data about how to get your sitemaps to google webmasters toolset I found it difficult to go through all the jargon . IN simple terms the google sitemap generator which is a python script will actually list a xml file with all the urls that are linked in your site.

For blogger users though you will not need any such interface , you can just add the atom.xml after your blogs adress to give to google. That will be it.

Sitemaps are not the only way to get the google bot to look into your blog there are other ways to do it too, There is a google addurl page that will add your blog address to your url to the list that their google bot will crawl. The astonishing piece of data is that no search engine has the index of more than 16% of the total internet , which means that there is so much more data lying around than we know.
The following address will take you to the link where you can add your url

Also to find out whether your page is there in google indexed directory you can paste the whole blogger address and if the search does show up that means you are there.
Also if you type
Site: in their search space.

Mine is not there yet but I have just added mine to their addurl locator, If it does not show even after this , I will find out other ways to do so.

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